Brother DSmobile 700D Driver Download

Brother DSmobile 700D Driver Download

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Brother DSmobile 700D Driver Download Windows

Description Link Support
Brother DSmobile 700D Scanner Driver HERE Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Brother DSmobile 700D DSmobileSCAN II Driver HERE


Brother DSmobile 700D Driver Download OS X

Description Link Support
Brother DSmobile 700D Full Driver & Software Package HERE OS X 10.11, OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, macOS 10.12


Source File: Support Brother Drivers

Brother DSmobile 700D Reviews– The Brother DS-700D is the cheapest portable scanner we’ve ever seen that can scan both sides of the page at once. This double-sided printing capability may be sufficient in itself for the scanner to be considered, especially if you have a limited budget. Unfortunately, like the Brother DS-600 that I reviewed last year, the DS-700D suffers from limitations in the software that comes, especially for scanning and recognizing text with multi-page documents. These limitations make the scanner less than the value than it may appear at first glance unless you already own the software you need.

The DS-700D comes with the same program as DS-600 Document Management and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), NewSoft Presto! PageManager. As I discussed in the DS-600 review, multi-document scanning in PageManager puts each page in its own file. You can then recognize the text and send multiple pages in a single PDF search file. However, if you submit pages to Word, each page goes into a separate file.

If you do not need to edit text after scanning, you do not need to scan multi-page files, or if you already have another program that can handle conversions more skillfully, that will not be a problem. Otherwise, be sure to look at the price of a particular program that can handle this task when looking at the price of the DS-700D.

Portability, tuning and scanning
The DS-700D is a large and heavy hand for a portable scanner, partly because of its duplex ability. Even so, it is small enough to be easy to carry, measuring 2.1 to 12.5 by 2.9 inches (HWD) and 1.3 pounds. Also keep in mind that it is powered by a USB cable, so it’s full size and weight, with nothing extra for the power supply.

The Windows Vista setup is standard and includes only installing drivers and other software and then connecting the provided USB cable. In addition to PageManager 9 Document Management and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the software includes a Scanning Utility, NewSoft Presto BizCard 6 for Business Card Management and Twain and WIA Drivers, which will allow you to scan from most programs to Windows with scanning. command.

Also worth mentioning is a soft carrying case for the scanner and two plastic photo-protective sleeves or thin originals, such as cash notes that can be damaged by running through the document feeder.

The Brother scanning feature is easy to use. I found it particularly useful for scanning multi-page documents directly into PDF image format. For most other file formats, however, it is more convenient to choose to open PageManager or BizCard, depending on the program I want to scan, and then give a scan command from the program.

As with any manual feed scanner, the overall speed depends largely on how fast you can feed the paper. However, actual scanning takes only about 15 seconds per page for both simplex and double-sided scanning of 200 pixels per inch (ppi) and gray mode. This is approximately the same speed as the DS-600 in black and white mode.

As a starting point, Canon’s imageFormula P-150 Scan-tini ($ 295 direct, 4 stars) edited Canon’s 10.2 ppm (no more than 6 seconds per page) submission of documents. , without the extra time it takes to manually feed pages. The comparison is worthwhile because if you purchase additional DS-700D software that you will not need for the P-150, you can easily delete all savings in total costs.

The DS-700D has quite good results in our OCR precision tests, reading the text on our 8-point Arial test page and our Times New Roman test page with up to 12 points without error. Business card scanning is a bit cumbersome because you have loaded the cards one at a time and give a scan command for each one, but the accuracy is more than acceptable. You may not want to scan large piles of cards in one session, but the combination of a scanner and BizCard works well enough to be useful.

If the Brother DS-700D has more capable software, it will be easy to recommend without any reservations. However, if you already have the software you need, or your scanning needs are so minimal that the software the scanner delivers is the task, it can still be a good choice.

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